Getting your B2B marketing right

Client: RESMED
Released 5 July 2022


APAC advertisers recorded more than $137.4m in digital ad spend wastage in 2021(1). What does this mean if you are a B2B player in the market? As a company that needs to sell products or services to other businesses, your marketing strategies need to be aptly cued to make potential buyers familiar with your brand name and value proposition, while converting them into loyal customers.

To do this, here are 5 key best practices you should focus on:

Ensure your B2B marketing strategies are target-specific

Understanding that a buyer goes through 3 stages in their buying process, namely awareness, consideration and decision will help you focus your marketing tactics for each stage. The following steps will be useful during this process:
• Determine your brand positioning
• Identify your target audience
• Run a competitive analysis
• Choose the most beneficia

Invest in persuasive B2B email marketing

Email marketing has proved to be one of the most preferred means of nudging engagement into subscribers into leads—and finally—customers. In a world where over 300 billion EDMs are sent and received each day, you need to make sure your emails are relevant, engaging and effective. A few tips on how to do this:

• Make sure your subject lines are compelling, not cheesy
• Stick to one CTA (call-to-action) per email
• Use segmentation to reach the most relevant audience
• Send out EDMs that are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate

Optimise your digital B2B marketing platform

Especially in today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is vital. Depending on your target audience, you need to reach them through a number of different channels, whether it’s through paid ads, search engine optimisation, your website, social media platforms, or any other place your B2B audience may be present. Here’s how you can strengthen your digital B2B presence:

• Define your target person or group
• Create an engaging and informative website
• Boost your digital presence, through on-page SEO and technical SEO tactics
• Invest in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising

Have a strong B2B content marketing formula

B2B customers are usually focused on expertise, driven by logic and open to being educated on the who-what-when-where-why-and-how of your brand. Content marketing is the ideal way to do this. An effective content plan supports SEO efforts, resulting in more opportunities to convert potential buyers into active clients.


Harness the power of B2B social media marketing

Social media has proved to be compelling means of building brand awareness, highlighting your online presence and personality, and humanising your business. Many B2B marketers turn to social media as an effective channel for sharing content and enhancing brand expertise.


Hear from Ms Shermaine Foo, our client at ResMed, a global leader in digital health has to say:

The pandemic presented a global supply chain challenge that required us to pivot, reframe, and relaunch one of our devices – AirMini.

Ambrosia devised a meaningful strategy based on the complexities of the new busy zigzag lifestyle brought about by the new normal, with most older millennials in SEA experiencing the crisscrossing of professional and personal boundaries. They work from home, care for their kids and ageing parents, do household chores, and more. All these have made our audience multitask daily.

Ambrosia developed the unique proposition, “Life is complicated enough. Sleep therapy should be easy”. The integrated B2B2C campaign for the regional market allowed us to connect with our new pool of target audiences through the different phases of the conversion funnel. Ultimately, driving lead generation for our local distributors across four countries: Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and soon Thailand.

The results were excellent to the extent that now, we have overwhelming demand in some countries. This, I must say, is a good challenge to have.

Shermaine Foo
Lead, Demand Gen at ResMed

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