A first step to digital for SATA COMMHEALTH

Released 6 October 2021
Since 1947, SATA CommHealth championed the values of lifelong health in the community by providing preventive and primary care services for the vulnerable and needy.

However, the charity and social enterprise found they were losing touch with their audience but were unsure how to utilise social media best to meet their goals.

Prior communications were limited to print ads to promote the sale of health screening packages.
We developed a social media strategy that amplifies the organisation’s core mission, “Promoting Lifelong Health, Serving the Community.”

We used social media to position SATA CommHealth as a key partner in advocating for health betterment with their grassroots work.

Our objectives were
Improve awareness of the organisation’s role in the community.
Educate Singaporeans on the importance of preventive health
Drive appointment bookings & donations