Breathing New Life into AirMini™

Client: RESMED
Released 4 July 2022
The pandemic has put travel on hold or, at the very least, has made it difficult. This has limited AirMini™'s sales as it was originally positioned as a travel device. How do we make AirMini™ relevant to our target market?
We pivoted the messaging for AirMini™ based on our target audience's busy zigzag lifestyle brought about by the pandemic. Most older millennials SEA were experiencing the crisscrossing of professional and personal boundaries - working from home, caring for their kids and ageing parents, doing household chores, and more. Add to that the complicated decision of selecting which CPAP device to purchase.

The campaign idea "Life is complicated enough. Sleep therapy should be easy" was executed across different platforms in four countries - Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand.