Creating an Immersive Healthcare Experience: Cardinal Health's Seminar 
in Thailand

Our agency’s ability to transform a conventional hotel ballroom into an interactive healthcare experience proved to be a resounding success. By bringing Cardinal Health’s products to life in a dynamic way, we not only engaged attendees but also translated that engagement into tangible results, making the seminar an unforgettable and fruitful experience for all involved. 

cardinal health project


Cardinal Health, a leading healthcare solutions provider, approached our agency with a unique challenge: to design an interactive space for their seminar in Thailand. They sought an experience that would not only educate but also captivate their audience.

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What We Did

In response to Cardinal Health’s request, our agency embarked on a creative journey to deliver an unforgettable event:

Simulation of an Operating Room and Recovery Ward: We conceptualized and brought to life an operating room and recovery ward, providing product specialists with a platform for realistic demonstrations of Cardinal  Health’s offerings.

Transforming a Hotel Ballroom: We took a standard hotel ballroom and transformed it into an immersive, educational space that would transport participants into the heart of a healthcare environment.

Comprehensive Product Display: A key highlight was the demonstration stations, showcasing a range of Cardinal Health’s products, from drapes and gowns to a suite of infection control solutions.

Educational Content: We incorporated engaging video presentations, informative posters, and brochures to provide attendees with a wealth of knowledge.

A Guided Tour Experience: Attendees embarked on a journey through various stations, mirroring the experience of walking through an actual operating theatre and recovery ward.

Fun and Memorable Photo Opportunities: To tie back to Cardinal Health’s “wings” campaign, we created a playful photo area where models sported wings crafted from gloves, adding a touch of whimsy to the event.

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Cardinal Health project
Cardinal Health project

The Results

The outcome of our collaborative efforts exceeded expectations:

Immersive Event: Attendees were fully immersed in the world of healthcare, gaining an in-depth understanding of Cardinal Health’s offerings.

Engaged Attendees: The interactive nature of the event ensured that participants remained engaged throughout, interacting with the products and absorbing valuable information.

Increased Enquiries and Sales: Cardinal Health reported a significant uptick in inquiries and sales following the seminar, demonstrating the effectiveness of our immersive approach.

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