Hearing Clinics to Drive 
Lifetime Value of Wear

Our client enlisted our expertise for tactical campaign toolkits for a regional promotion. Ambrosia crafted the communication strategy for user-facing materials, encompassing POSM and social media content to drive purchases and upgrades.
resound gn project 1
ReSound GN project
ReSound GN project


The goal of the ReSound One To The Max promotion was created to engage hearing clinics across the APAC region and make it easy for them to launch a trade-in and upgrade promotion.

What We Did

To simplify the execution in diverse local markets, we designed a user-friendly toolkit with the necessary assets such as key visuals, posters and social media posts. This resource provided hearing clinics with guidance and tools for effectively launching the campaign.

The Results

Our diligent efforts underscored our agency’s capability to maximize lifetime value and equip hearing clinics with the indispensable tools for a triumphant promotion. The results demonstrated heightened customer engagement, enhanced marketing efficiency, and streamlined execution across diverse local markets in the APAC region.
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