Amplifying Fun and Driving Footfall for Timezone's 
Biggest Venue in Singapore

Positioned as the superior entertainment destination at their largest venue in Westgate, Ambrosia led this integrated campaign featuring social media, digital PR, influencer marketing, and OOH advertising. We magnified the fun factor, with attractive displays and activities on the opening day with the objective to engage users in an interactive journey from the mall entrance to the Timezone store.
Timezone project


With the opening of their largest venue at Westgate, the client wanted to drive foot traffic as well as create online hype.

Timezone project
timezone project 3

What We Did

Ambrosia developed a comprehensive strategy to maximize engagement and generate footfall throughout the user journey:

Fun Amplification with the aim to capture attention and create excitement among the target audience.

Integrated Campaign to reach the target audience effectively. This included social media campaigns to create online hype, digital PR to generate media coverage, influencer marketing to leverage popular personalities, and OOH advertising to raise awareness and drive footfall.

Interactive User Journey: From the entrance of the mall to the Timezone store, we aim to create immersive experiences, interactive displays, and captivating content that entices users and encourages them to explore and engage with Timezone’s offerings.

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The Results

249 pieces of coverage across various media outlets with a successful event turnout for the day.

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